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Food Photography

Food  Photography Service


Making a first impression to your customers' or audiences' is very important. Studies have shown that it only takes one-tenth of a second for customers to form their own judgements on your business and its offerings. So, how does a business like yours make full use of this time? Through visuals. Not only are visuals attention-grabbing, our brains can also quickly process and transmit information, trigger emotions, and help us to learn and remember.


Food photography and videography are two of such ways that you and your business can easily apply to attract and grow your customer base. Through the use of attractive images and videos of your food, it is a fact that you can entice 82% of customers to purchase that meal purely based on appearance even if they did not want it in the first place. Furthermore, proper food photography can allow your business to stand out from competing brands, or even used to prominently feature an array of dishes as the stars of your menu. By modifying elements such as the background, the storytelling, or the use of props, your business can elevate itself and portray its own brand identity within its photos and videos, thus making your business memorable. Not only does this value-add to your existing marketing and brand awareness, it also builds the customer’s trust as they have seen what is going to be served and when these expectations are met.

Food  Videography Service

Why Us

Despite having access to multiple “comprehensive” beginner guides on the Internet, engaging a proficient photo and videography professional such as APXGARY can provide an efficient and stress-free experience for you. Our team of experts will be working and coordinating with you from start to finish, thus freeing up days or even weeks of your time and resources so that you can focus on what matters more. Our services include creative food styling, backdrops, and props in a range of different styles (modern, minimalistic, floral, etc) to complement the diversity of cuisines available, and are provided at competitive rates. In-store photo and video shoots are also available if that is preferable to you.

There exists various avenues where food photography and videography would be useful, including:

  • Menus

  • Business Website

  •  Food Delivery Plaorms

  •  Packaging

  •  Cookbooks

  •  Paper Adversing (e.g. Flyers, Brochures, Magazines, Coupons)

  •  Digital Adversing (e.g. Television, Social Media, Promoonal Videos)

  • And more

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