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Live Feed + Live Recording Videography
Livefeed to TV
LiveFeed Videography Singapore

Livefeed Video

Livefeed Video allows your audience or guests to see much clear on the stage/platform with the 

When coming to a big day of your event, your ballroom or event hall have hundreds of attendees or VIP. You would like your audience to have a clearer view of what happened on the stage during the event. The best way is to setup a professional live view video camera linked to your large projector/LED screen. That will allow all your audience to have a better view at a greater distance. Hence, our Live Camera can zoom up to 20x with excellent quality video output to screen. It is best recommended for Seminars such as Cooking or Demonstration to have a closer look at what happening and stage performance.

Some of the sample setup for live-feed and it also suitable for full live recording as well.

  1. Static video camera with tripod + video crew

  2. One stage setup and static video camera with tripod + video crew.

  3. Roving Videography which our video crew will be walking around the stage or ballroom to record and play on screen.

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