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Corporate Event Photography Services

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APXGARY - Event Photographer Singapore 


If you are planning to either hire a team of photographers or just a photographer to cover your important corporate event in Singapore, you will want to make sure that you are able to capture all the important moments. That is where event photography services come in. Hiring a professional corporate event photographer can help you document the occasion, make your social media or website look more engaging, or print your annual report with high quality print, which is more representable to your investor.

When it comes to corporate event photography services in Singapore, there are many options available. You will want to look for a photographer who has experience with corporate events and can capture the essence of your event. One important factor to consider when hiring an event photographer is their level of expertise. You will want to work with someone who has experience capturing the type of event you are organizing or hosting. This includes planning a product launch, festival, sport event, company dinner, a small team-building session, a large-scale conference, or an award presentation and ceremony. Additionally, our photographers are able to adapt to the unique demands of the occasion. Corporate event photography requires an entirely different approach compared to other photography genres. It's important to capture the ambiance of the event, the energy of the attendees, and the details of the venue. Our skilled event photographers will be able to balance all of these elements to produce stunning images that tell the story of your event. You may also want to discuss your vision for the event and any specific shots you would like to capture to ensure we produce the best of the best for you. 

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Why us

Our team of experienced professional event photographers will provide you with premium photos tailored to your event. Our photographers will pay close attention to the composition and understand your event arrangements through briefing, scheduling or even site recce. our photographers are adaptable and able to manage a variety of situations, such as accommodating changes in the schedule or welcoming VIP photo sessions. In addition, with our technical expertise, creative skills, and photography experiences, we ensure your photos are visually enticing to effectively convey your event's message through photographs.


The meaning of photo quality is found in its ability to preserve memories, present a professional image, effectively communicate ideas and messages, and improve visuals. Whether for personal or professional use, high-quality photographs can make a significant impression and last.

Our photographers will be equipped with a professional-grade full-frame camera that produces a clean image in all environments, whether in low light, construction site or outdoor. The remaining RAW images will be retouched by our team to ensuring that the colors, exposures, highlights, contrasts, and shadows are all properly tuned.

APXGARY Photography CORE

Getting the perfect shot at the right time is one way to approach our best event photography. We always give our clients the very best by using the best equipment, expertise and experiences to reach to the gold standards. Even when things don't go as planned, our experienced photographers are still committed to handling the situation in a professional way and still produce quality outcomes.

Our Photographers Works

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Add on Services

Movie Projector

Screening Live Photo

Along with our event photography service and technological advancement, we can instantly upload event pictures to our cloud server via internet access, allowing your guests to download directly with a single link and upload photos to social media during the event. As an alternative, this also allows the images to be played live directly on a projector or television during your event. 


Instant Print/Photobooth

We  provide our clients with print out award photos instantly with a fast printer onsite and good paper quality. Aside from award printing, our team does instant printing, from roving to static photos on backdrops to photobooths. You may visit our instant print page to understand more. 


Event Videography

Other than event photography, we also provide event videography, including professional lighting setup, noise cancellation mics for interviews and audio recording for your VIP or speaker speech or roving videos of the event to add to your event highlight videos. You may visit our event videography page to understand more. 

Event Photography

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Corporate Event Photography

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You can contact us at or simply fill up the form below for enquiry and free quotation. 

You can contact us at or simply fill up the form for quotation/package service and reservation. 

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