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Roving Photography Singapore

Professional Roving Photographer and quality printout with customised template/border ideal for Corporate Event & Wedding

About Roving Photography Singapore 


When a company organiser committee engaged a professional Photo Booth and Roving Photography Singapore to roam around to take an essential moment of your guests having a great time and take beautiful photos. Most of the images will return to the committee after the event. The committee may need to spend time uploading the pictures online or sending email to distribute the photos when was ready. It also caused trouble find your guest contact as there are too many during the occasion. It will also prevent any missing photos not distributed to your guest. 



In APXGARY Roving Photography Instant Print, Our Professional Photo Booth Singapore and Roving Photographer captured your guest's photos before they get to look at their candid moment instantly to our file server/upload photos live to Facebook/live-feed to the projector with choice of selection. Undoubtedly ignite the entertainment and excitement to your guest while they are viewing through their photos. 


Your guest also gets to received portrait shot with delicate and beautiful border/templates embedded in for instant printing.


Also allows your guest instant download photos and quality dye-sub printing photos material home. 




Our friendly Professional Roving Photography Singapore will roam around the area to take a candid shot and engage your guest to take Portrait/Group photos 

How It Work

Photos taken will be wireless transfer to our printing station for instant processing and verification for quality printing. 

Photos will be printed out and go live on screen/Facebook/file server for downloading. Guests may, or our assistance crew will pass the photos personal to your guests. 

Our Package Coverage

One x high-speed print (Dye-sublimation printer) 

One x printing assistant onsite

Fully Customised printout design 

Softcopies provision after event via thumb drive.

Unlimited Printout

Choice of print out (3R/4R/5R/6R) 

*Additional charge apply

Additional Service

Live feed screeening

Facebook Live 

Live download via our file server with link

Contact Us

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