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APX Gary Photographers provides Wedding Photography Singapore from a variety from ROM (Registration of marriage) to your actual day weddings such as couple shot or group shot, candid shot, roving, gate crash, tea ceremony, dinner banquet and much more.  We are experienced photographer who you can entrust your special day to us. 

Why Us

Every moment is history that you would like to capture down during your wedding day with a lot of laughers, tear and kisses. Those are all your golden moment that happens once in a life time. Our team is dedicated to save all your golden memories through our lense. 


All large jpeg photos will be retouched to ensure every event photos well exposure, contrast, vivid and sharp. Hence, we assure colour correction are calibrated ready to print quality on the photos. All our photographer  equipment equip with a graded lens and DSLR full frame camera. 

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Contact Us

Contact Us

You can contact us at info@apxgaryphotography.com.sg or simply fill up the form for quotation/package service and reservation. 

You can contact us at info@apxgaryphotography.com.sg or simply fill up the form below for enquiry and free quotation. 

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