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Event Videography Services

Event Highlight . Aerial . Full Filming . Live-Feed Videography


Videos have emerged as one of the most powerful forms of communication in the modern digital age. They have the ability to evoke feelings, making them a great way to remember important moments or essential information through social media. It is also among the most effective and engaging methods for recording the past event, whether it is an opening ceremony, exhibition, conference, dinner and dance, or any other event video you would like to document. 


APXGARY Photography provides event videography services for your event with years of experience and technique and assembles all your filmed footage into a creative, excellent audio quality, and cinematic graded color look. 



Here is where we get all the detail from regarding your event date and venue. We will advise and understanding according to your services such as full filming, interview, live-feed or event highlight videos. We create script/storyboard to get the final video production you required. That also included Aerial Videography if required and apply for Aerial License from CAAS.

Work Flow


We will film according to your event flow or plan using our professional equipment and apply all our filming technique to ensure your video looks impressive and essential footage. All Raw videos will be returned as for your future reference as well.


After your event, we will export all our videos footage to our editing software to start assembling your event footages and audio. During the footages gather process, we ensure decent colour-graded applied, excellent audios level is well balanced and it comes along with license music added on. 

Event Gallery Videos

If you would like to view more of our videos portfolio, please kindly contact us, we will send you more of our quality work via email, WhatApp or other communication application. 


Cinematic Line Camera setup with netflix approved camera.

3 point lighting set up and depend on your location. 

Setting up either boom mic or clip mic. 


Live Feed or Full recording for your event

A full recording video, document the whole show, performance, presentation or speech, from the beginning to the end, without pausing. It's best for recording important events in case your guests miss the start or have to run to a meeting at the last minute or can't make it to your event or conference. This is also good to document it for future usage and is compactable with youtube, facebook or vimeo.


When coming to a big day of your event, your ballroom or event hall have hundreds of attendees or VIP. You would like your audience to have a clearer view of what happened on the stage during the event. The best way is to setup a professional live view video camera linked to your large projector/LED screen. That will allow all your audience to have a better view at a greater distance. Hence, our Live Camera can zoom up to 20x with excellent quality video output to screen. It is best recommended for Seminars such as Cooking or Demonstration to have a closer look at what happening and stage performance.

Some of the sample setup for live-feed and it also suitable for full live recording as well.

  1. Static video camera with tripod + video crew

  2. One stage setup and static video camera with tripod + video crew.

  3. Roving Videography which our video crew will be walking around the stage or ballroom to record and play on screen.

Please Contact us for free consultation and advise from us.

If you have any more queries about APXGARY or you are unsure about how to begin, please do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation-free discussion. We look forward to working with you and your company’s needs to our fullest potential.

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You can contact us at or simply fill up the form below for enquiry and free quotation. 

You can contact us at or simply fill up the form for quotation/package service and reservation. 

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