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Interview Video, Short Film, Corporate Video, Commercial Video, Documentation, Animation & Video Editing


Humans currently have an attention span lower than that of a goldfish. This is a fact revealing how critical it is for businesses and individuals to create content that hooks their audiences effectively and efficiently. Within this crucial time span, consumers need to obtain an understanding of what you offer and how it can benefit them. Hence, video helps to convey your message in the quickest way possible. 83% of marketers acknowledge that video is more important than ever, and it is fortunately available in a variety of forms which makes it easy for you to find one that fits with your company’s goals.


Here at APXGARY Video Production Company Singapore, we offer a wide range of Video Production Services Singapore/Corporate Video Production Singapore. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Video Interview

Recorded interviews of well-known personnel or experts in the field serve as a beacon of assurance or knowledge into the topic at hand.


  • Corporate Video

Corporate videos may be used to boost market presence, build online engagement, or instil confidence in stakeholders. Corporate videos may be used either externally to showcase the company’s latest product lines/services, or internally to train your staff.


  • Livestream

A livestream video broadcasts any event, seminar or conference to your audience anywhere in the world.


  • Short Film

Short films can be entertaining and emotional to engage your audience. It can also be used as an informative or educational platform through the use of story-telling, and hence creating a deeper connection with the topics or concepts present.


  • Animation

Similar to short films, animations can be either entertaining or informative. Animation takes this one step further to make concepts easy to grasp, where both young children and adults can understand. More abstract ideas may be better represented in animations.

  • Video Documentation

Video documentations capture a series of non-fictional events for historical records, or to inform and educate your audience on a wide range of topics. An example includes documenting the rise of your company from the start to the current day.


  • Video Editing

Editing a video refers to hand-picking shots and sound bites, trimming, colour-grading, sound mixing, etc. This process transforms individual shots into a structured, visually and aurally appealing final video.


  • Script

Scripts are utilised to plan dialogue between actors or voiceovers from a narrator. This helps to ensure smoother flow during the production phase.


  • Subtitles

Subtitles boost audience engagement, comprehension, and accessibility for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, or simply anyone who is unable to watch the video with sound.


  • Voice over

Voice overs aid in making your video more lively and explaining what the audience is watching to increase understanding. Certain variations in tone may also be used to invoke a feeling of professionalism, or one of playfulness, et cetera.

With APXGARY, we will guide you and your team through all three phases in realising your company’s goals through this video.

Phase 1: Pre-production 

Firstly, this stage is all about planning and coordination. Our team will begin liaising with you to understand you and your company’s purpose, goals and strategy for the video. With this understanding, we can then create a project timeline that fits into your schedule, as well as crafting a storyboard. If required, script-writing and talent casting may be carried out. Site visits may be done during this phase to obtain first-hand knowledge on the best angles and shots to invoke the right tone for your video. Production checklists will be generated by our team to ensure that we have all the equipment and personnel needed in our next phase, production.


Phase 2: Production Here is when your story comes to life, where all the video footage needed will be captured by our team. The efforts in pre-production will pay off here as we would know exactly what is required from the storyboard, script, and site visit to make this process seamless and effortless for you. Our team will provide and set up all necessary equipment (e.g. lighting, audio, cameras, props). Our video cameras will be linked to a monitor screen for simple viewing of what is being captured. Any interviews, voice-overs and B-roll will be captured in this phase as well to support the final phase, post-production.

Phase 3: Post-production 

This is where the team does its magic by piecing footage together in editing, music and sound selection, and colour-grading to produce the final video that is both easy-to-follow, as well as visually and aurally interesting. Any branding or supporting graphics can be added in this phase to build brand awareness. The final video will be sent to you for your initial review, feedback, and approval. Upon finalising and approval of the video, the APXGARY team will supply the video in the correct format and quality to optimise playback on whichever platform you wish to display it. This may mean a high definition format for big-screen conferences, or a compressed version for social media.

In addition to corporate videography services, you can combine them with corporate photography services. You will not have to waste another effort or time to complete another round of post-production in the discussion.

Some of our past work

If you have any more queries about APXGARY or you are unsure about how to begin, please do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation-free discussion. We look forward to working with you and your company’s needs to our fullest potential.

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