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APXGARY PHOTOGRAPHY, a multidisciplinary one-stop company for professional photography services and videography services works in Singapore. From countless years of camera clicking and video recording, the APXGARY team have amassed a wealth of valuable industry experience through working with locally recognisable before and on going clients. Not only is our team well trained in handling modern professional equipment and software, we also listen to our clients and are willing to provide both artistic and practical advice to produce the perfect shots that meet and exceed their expectations. This is why we have received an exceptionally high satisfaction rate from our past clients and continue to excel in what we do.





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Blueberries and Strawberries Pancakes


Image by Spacejoy




Ink Jet Printer



Wooden Flower Vase


Wedding Rings



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Image by Minh Pham


Wedding Rings


Video Accessories


APXGARY has been engaged by numerous clients with good and healthy  feedback since our company launched back in 2015. With a passionate team who loves what we do, and gains regular exposure in the field, we are thoroughly equipped to execute the services.

From executing a plan in group or individual and most importantly, proper operation with our professional equipment such as lighting, audio and cameras.

Woman taking note

All-in-One Service

Our team of experienced photographers and videographers aims to provide you with an array of premium services tailored to organisations, corporate companies, small businesses, and even individuals. We specialise in capturing a diverse range of occasions, including events, corporate, wedding, family, interior, food, and instant print. With us, you need not worry about managing several contractors to perform what we can conveniently and competently provide.

Quality of our works

After the shoot is completed, you may rest assured that the raw products will go through our internal editing and checks using our top-notch commercial software such as Lightroom and/or Final Cut Pro.


Post-production editing helps to bring out the liveliness in the raw photos, and ensures that they will hit the right tone and feel for the occasion.


Beside video editing, licensed music/soundtracks as well as fine-tuning of the captured audio may be done as well to result in a more polished and attractive video. Raw image and video files may be provided upon request.

All of these are followed by reviews between your team and ours to calibrate the finishing touches. An elaborate standard operating procedure such as this helps to streamline and ensures quality of our work, as well as enabling all parties to work closely together and to keep track of scheduling.

Camera Lens

Guarantee Trust

As a professional team, our main priority is to ensure all shots and frames are captured as requested during our pre-event briefing, approved storyboard, as well as any ad-hoc shots that you may like to include. We will ensure that our photography and videography plans are well executed with minimal intrusion in any ongoing events.



At APXGARY, we use a close-knit team of photographers and videographers that can advise clients, based on their respective budgets, on how to achieve affordability without compromising on high quality content.

Our Corporate Clients/Experiences

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You can contact us at or simply fill up the form below for enquiry and free quotation. 

You can contact us at or simply fill up the form for quotation/package service and reservation. 

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