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Event Videography

APXGARY PHOTOGRAPHY provide event videography for your corporate event such as Conference and Seminar, Dinner &Dance, Party, family day and many more.

We ensure our event quality videography coverage are checked as following:

1. All video recorded in full HD 1080p.

2. Colorgrading.

3. Video enhancement such as shaping, audio output, transition and many more.

4. License Corporate music

5. Aerial Videography - Only eligible to outdoor.

Please ensure you are watching at 1028p instead of 720p:

Contact us to unlock the password to watch more of our video.

Livefeed Videography:

We provide videography live feed for your event too.

Our professional videocamera is able to output your real-time video out to your projector or TV concurrently.

If you are interested in our service, you may contact us via


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